Creative Fabrica Subscription: Endless Graphics & Fonts!

Are you a digital creator looking for some fresh inspiration? Maybe you create books and journals for KDP, design print on demand products, or make pretty printables. Whatever your create, a Creative Fabrica subscription can provide you with unlimited access to a vast (and I mean vast) collection of high-quality design assets, fonts, graphics, and more.

Whether you're a designer, artist, or marketer, having access to gorgeous creative resources and digital files makes everything easier, and helps you work faster. A Creative Fabrica subscription can provide you with unlimited downloads, and it's so, so affordable!

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With Creative Fabrica, you can access an extensive library of digital designs, including fonts, graphics, templates, embroidery designs, tutorials, and even AI art generators. From hand-drawn fonts to stunning watercolor graphics, the possibilities are endless. Plus, with new assets and new files added regularly, the library is always growing. They also add new tools all the time!

I'm a die hard fan of Creative Fabrica and I'll subscribe forever! From amazing clip art and graphics, to AI art and writing, to KDP interiors… and keep reading to find about a hidden gem feature that almost no one takes advantage of.

Unleash your inner artist with 1 million unique designs.

Honestly, when I log in to Creative Fabrica I have to be careful to grab only what I need and get back to work, because the designs and endless ideas are SO tempting. I could scroll and click and search for hours. New designs are added daily by creators all over the world!

Whatever you create, there are options for you.

  • SVG designs if you make and sell POD items like t-shirts and hoodies
  • Clipart and graphics in every style you can imagine
  • Digital papers and backgrounds
  • Interiors and templates for KDP books and journals
  • Fonts, fonts, and more fonts

So many ideas. So little time!

I can usually find literally anything I need on Creative Fabrica. The only exception to this has been when I'm creating a very specific educational resource. For instance, if I needed clipart of a life cycle of a certain animal, I might not find that on Creative Fabrica.

But as CF grows and grows, more and more creators are listing there! I use Creative Fabrica for all my commercial projects, from printables to KDP journals to Print-on-Demand products.


Wonder what's trending? Need new ideas for what to create?

Hit up the Creative Fabrica home page for tons of ideas.

Trending graphics on Creative Fabrica - a screenshot.

The day I'm writing this post, I see spring flowers and butterflies, cute baby animals (I'm seeing nursery/baby wall art or shower invites), cute styled fonts, and a hint that people are already prepping for the fall holidays! Also monster trucks, which appeared a few times on the home page.

Just scrolling through what's new will give you more ideas than you know what to do with! The Creative Fabrica platform allows designers from all over the world to share and sell.

After you become a member, you can start to favorite specific shops and designers, and your personal home feed will become curated with releases from those designers and other assets that Creative Fabrica thinks you might like.

access to ai art will boost your creativity.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen and heard about the AI art revolution that's happening!

Most AI art tools, which started out as free beta versions, have quickly grown into paid subscriptions thanks to the sheer volume of users and amount of art being generated – it takes a lot of computing power!

AI art generated on Creative Fabrica.

Creative Fabrica has hopped on the AI art bandwagon with CF Spark, an entire suite of tools for different kinds of designs. Inside CF Spark, you'll find:

  • CF Spark Art
  • C Spark Writer
  • CF Spark Patterns
  • CF Spark Crystalline
  • CF Spark Sketch
  • CF Spark ImageMix
  • CF Spark PromptBuilder

You can use all these tools with your regular Creative Fabrica all-access subscription at no extra cost! But there are some limitations. You will be in the slower queue for generations, and in order to download you need to share your designs and the prompts that you used publicly.

It's SO FUN to create with AI art!

AI art examples on Creative Fabrica: watercolor and coloring pages.

But, if you want to uplevel your AI art generation in CF Spark, the Spark subscription is just $9 monthly (in addition to the regular CF subscription) to get 1000 speed credits and private downloads of your creations.


Creative Fabrica's unlimited commercial license is just the best deal out there. Period.

A yearly, unlimited, all-access subscription for less than $60? AMAZING. Some graphics subscription plans charge that *every month.*

A screenshot of the Creative Fabrica homepage.

Look, $60 per year is just $5 per month. That's less than a grande pink drink from Starbucks (mmmmm…. pink drinks). It's less than Netflix, Spotify, or other subscriptions we consider important in our daily lives.

It's a no brainer. Like I said, I'll be a customer for life because this subscription delivers more value to me than any other source online for creative content. Period.

Join a vibrant community of makers and crafters who share your passion for creativity.

Ready for that hidden gem feature I talked about earlier?

There's a side to Creative Fabrica that most creators don't utilize. It's sort of a social network mixed with a blog, right inside of your account. It's one of my favorite features!

Once you have a subscription, hover over “My Profile” and click “View My Profile.” Make sure and fill out all the information, including your picture, bio, links to social media and interests.

Now, here's the magic. Right there next to your profile picture are sharing options: you can share a crafting tip or question, or you can upload pictures of something you made!

it's like your own mini blog inside creative fabrica!

It's super easy to showcase your work and interact with other designers and creators, and it's just one more place people can discover you and your designs.

I always say to use every bit of real estate any online platform gives you. Whether it's selling on Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy, or here on Creative Fabrica, USE EVERYTHING to get your work out in the world, get followers, and make more sales on your creations!

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