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3 Science Unit Studies for Your Homeschool

Are you looking for fun, hands-on learning and an interesting way to teach science to your homeschooled child? Science unit studies are a great option!

One of the things we love about homeschooling is the ability to add mini unit studies an all kinds of things we are interested in. This means that we can focus on one particular topic for a short period of time, and really dive deep into it.

We love doing hands on experiments as part of our science unit studies. It is so amazing to see the concepts that we have been studying come to life right before our eyes.

Plus, it is just plain fun! I'm all about the fun!

What is a unit study?

A unit study is a learning method that integrates various subjects around a central theme. For example, if you were studying ancient Egypt, your subjects might include history, geography, and science. But you would also learn about the culture, art, and religion of the Egyptians.

Unit studies are often very interdisciplinary, which makes them both fun and challenging for students. And because they can be tailored to any interest or learning level, unit studies are a great way to individualize your homeschooling curriculum.

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Just in time for fall, I've got three fun elementary level, mini science unit studies to share with you!

Pine Tree Investigation Mini Unit Study

Pine cones are interesting little things, aren't they? So many people see them as simply the seeds of pine trees, but there is so much more to them than that!

Pine cones are the pine tree's way of reproducing, and their life cycle is fascinating. Did you know that pine cones actually take two years to mature? In the first year, the pine tree produces a small, yellow-green cone. The second year, the cone grows larger and browner, and eventually opens to release its seeds.

Come learn about pine cones in my pine cone unit study. You'll find floating tests, measurement, journaling, life cycle cut and paste, and more!

Science unit study on pine trees and pine cones and the pine tree life cycle.

And don't forget the cut and paste worksheets and opportunities to color and draw! Let your kids get creative as they learn all about the pine tree life cycle.

A Fun Pumpkin Unit Study

When I think fall, I think pumpkins – and they make a great subject for a science unit study! Pick up some small pumpkins and get ready for some fun learning.

You'll learn all about the life cycle of a pumpkin, the parts of a pumpkin, and even do some fun science experiments with pumpkins. Plus, there are tons of great pumpkin-themed worksheets and and spin and graph game.

You can combine this little unit study with a field trip to a pumpkin patch for a super fun, full-family learning experience!

Check out my Pumpkin Investigation Unit Study!

Science unit study on pumpkins and the pumpkin life cycle.

Add some hands-on art to this unit study: paint or carve your pumpkins afterwards for cute autumn or Halloween decorations!

Mini Unit Study: Apple Tasting

Apples come in many colors including red, green, yellow, and pink. Did you know that there are over 7,500 types of apples grown around the world? That's a lot of apples!

Learning about apples is sure to be a delicious experience with this Apple Investigation Unit Study! You'll find all kinds of fun learning including descriptive writing, taste testing, counting seeds, doing a float test, and measuring. Coloring too!

Pick up a copy today, take a trip to the grocery for apples, and do some investigating! Even better if you can take a trip to an orchard and pick your own apples! Field trip opportunities are everywhere!

Science unit study on apples and taste testing.

My daughter loves helping in the kitchen, so after our apple investigation we'll throw those apples in the crock pot with a little sugar and make homemade applesauce!

Unit studies make learning fun!

Fall is a great time to get into some fun mini science unit studies! They can help ease you back into the homeschool groove and make memories, too!

What fun learning are you doing right now? Comment below and share!

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