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Fun Halloween Printables to Spookify Your Homeschool

Is your homeschool needing some spooky fun this Halloween? Check out these fun and engaging Halloween printables to get you in the holiday spirit!

From coloring pages to luminaries to fun math, there's something for everyone in this collection of Halloween printables. Homeschooling can be a lot of work, so take a break and have some fun with your kids with these festive activities.

We love adding variety to our homeschool curriculum by celebrating special days and holidays. What better time to bring some fun into your homeschool day than Halloween? This holiday is all about getting creative, so let your kids' imaginations run wild with these spooky printables.

Printable Haunted House Luminaries

Aren't these haunted house Halloween printables so fun? They'll add a spooky, glowing look to your mantel or dining room table. Print them out (regular paper works better for the glow) and then get creative! 

I printed the luminaries, cut around the tops of the haunted houses, and left a strip of paper at the bottom. When I went to tape the paper ends together I found that I wanted more width – to see all of the houses from the front – so I cut an index card to the same width as the paper to “expand” the circle.

You could also cut out the houses and decoupage them on jars… cover the rest of the jar with white or orange tissue paper – and tie twine or black ribbon around the top.

Use battery votives for a safe, spooky glow!

haunted luminaries on a table
They are SO CUTE especially when they are up at eye level!
Halloween luminaries glowing on a table

A Spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger hunts are a fantastic way to get kids actively engaged in the learning process – and get out some energy, too! Kids love the thrill of the hunt, and the fun of having to find items based on a particular theme.

Plan an evening to head out into the neighborhood to go on a Spooky Scavenger Hunt! When you're done, cozy up at home with some hot apple cider and a movie. I still love It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (Am I dating myself, there?)

My printable Halloween scavenger hunt is free on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Here are some more ideas for using the Spooky Scavenger Hunt:

  • Use the scavenger hunt list as your weekly vocabulary/spelling words
  • Do a creative writing project using the scavenger hunt words as prompts
  • Create fall art with the nature items you collect

If you have littles and would rather keep the scavenger hunt inside your home rather than wandering the neighborhood, find some cute Halloween clipart or pictures for the items on the list and put them around your house!

Easy Fall Color by Number Printables

Your kids will love these sweet fall color by number worksheets. Bright, vibrant colors and chunky lines, designed for early elementary learners. Coloring is a great fine motor morning activity in your classroom or homeschool!

Word tracing worksheets are included too! You'll find 8 color by number images and 8 word tracing worksheets in this pack.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

  • 8 color by number worksheets
  • 8 word tracing worksheets in color (or print in greyscale)

More Ideas for your Fall Color by Number Printables:

  • Print a set of the color worksheets and cut out the pictures for classroom decor
  • Print on cardstock and use black glue to outline the pictures. Your students can then watercolor or use watercolor pencils inside the glue spaces.

Printable, Colorful Halloween Banners

I'm a big fan of creating a cozy environment for your homeschool.

I love celebrating holidays with some fun decor – but I don't want to store a lot of decorations or spend a lot of time putting them up. Simple + festive is my motto.

Is home decorating learning? YOU BET. I put everything about living at home into the category of “life skills” and it all counts toward your kids' education!

These Halloween bunting printables are a fun way to add some Halloween spirit to your house! Bright purple, orange, black and yellow panels will add color wherever you string them up. Print as many as you need for the length you want – each design comes two per landscape page.

Happy Halloween letters included, too!

Lots of patterns to choose from:
➚ White spider webs on a black background
➚ White spider webs on a purple background
➚ White spider webs on an orange background
➚ Stars on a purple background
➚ Fun colored witches' hats on a purple background
➚ Purple and black zigzags
➚ Stars on a black background

All you need to do is print on sturdy paper (I recommend card stock!), cut out the banners, fold the top over your string, yarn, or twine, and glue or tape in place.

You could also use a hole punch in the upper corners and string the pieces up that way! Laminate the pieces for extra durability.

Count and Color Halloween Printables

For the younger kiddos, I have these adorable I Spy Count and Color Halloween printables! Silly spiders, stars, caramel apples, witches' hats, candy corn and more are jumbled up waiting for you to find and color them… then write the total in the boxes below.

I also took some of cute images and made them larger, to color and cut out (or just have fun coloring.)

More Ideas for Halloween Fun!

  • Color and cut out the larger images and make a garland
  • Cut out the number boxes and paste the numbers in order on the back of the worksheet
  • Tell the story of the history of candy corn, or how Jack o Lanterns got their name!

Halloween is a Great Time to Learn About Science

Halloween is a great time for some spooky science! There are so many ways to include science in your Halloween activities.

Steve Spangler has an awesome playlist of Halloween science experiments on YouTube! Cool dry ice experiments, lots of slime, fake blood, black lights and more! We love Steve and even did a live Zoom summer science camp with him during the beginning of the pandemic.

I also have some fun science mini unit studies for fall using apples, pumpkins, and pine cones that are perfect to incorporate into your Halloween plans! Easy to print and prep for some hands on learning!

This pumpkin investigation unit study is a fun, kinesthetic, hands-on science and math activity for early elementary learners! It's perfect for back to school, Halloween, or anytime in autumn.

Learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin, practice scissor skills with the parts of a pumpkin cut and paste, and play a fun pumpkin graphing game.

This apple tasting mini unit study is a fun, kinesthetic, hands-on science and math activity for kindergarten, first grade, or second grade! It's perfect for back to school, slotting into a study of Johnny Appleseed, or anytime in autumn.

Let your students count apple seeds, conduct an apple taste test, measure apples, and write about apple characteristics!

This pine tree investigation set is a fun, hands-on science and math activity for kindergarten, first grade, or second grade! Jump into pine cone research and kinesthetic pine cone activities as a winter science unit or a fun fill-in resource before Christmas break!

Your students will discover:
✔ The life cycle of a pine tree for kids
✔ What are pine cones?
✔ The parts of a pine tree
✔ The parts of a pine cone
✔ Whether pine cones sink or float

Word Games & Trivia Halloween Printables

This set of Halloween puzzles, word games, and activities can be enjoyed by multiple ages, even teens and adults. Also includes a Nature Hunt and a Halloween Bucket List. Print them off and get ready for some serious fun (and sneaky learning)!

This printable pack includes 12 pages of printable Halloween games for your homeschool or Halloween party!

Here are all the Halloween Games You'll Find:

  • Word Scramble
  • Trivia
  • Word Search
  • Scattergories
  • Would You Rather
  • Finish the Phrase
  • A to Z
  • Nature Hunt
  • Make a Word
  • Bucket List
  • Answer keys for all the puzzles

More Ideas for Halloween Fun:

  • Take a mini-field trip to a local park to do the Nature Hunt
  • Explore the stories behind all the trivia facts
  • Use the vocabulary words as creative writing prompts
  • Ask students to bring in fall leaves. Use a hole punch and string on twine for a beautiful garland.

More Halloween Family Fun

Sue at Unschooling Mom2Mom has a fantastic post all about Halloween! From not worrying so much about candy consumption, to an amazing list of Halloween book and movie recommendations, it's a must read!

This holiday season, as things get busy, I'd encourage you to spend a few minutes making plans for some family time beyond trick or treating. What about making a new family tradition with a Halloween movie and book reading together the night before Halloween?

Or spend an afternoon doing the nature hunt from my Halloween Games, and make the pictures into a collage to hang up every Autumn!

Do you have any fun family traditions around Halloween? Share in the comments!

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