I'm Kim, the mom behind this blog.
I love making printables, blogging, and encouraging other moms!
I always like to know what other moms and bloggers use and recommend! You too?
Great! Here's my stuff.

Some of these are affiliate links.
I only link to products and services I personally pay for and use!

Created by Kim

Check out my shops on Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy!
They are small, but growing, and I earn from both of them!

Let's have fun making printables together, list them, and grow profitable
home businesses. I'm all about succeeding with others.

Worksheet Wonders is my group of 30+ early elementary worksheet templates.
Once purchased, you can use Canva or PowerPoint to make a wide variety
of worksheets, flash cards, and more – super fast!

Homeschooling Stuff We LOVE!

Education Perfect is a curriculum based in Australia which is my only caveat
in recommending it. We had to switch to a different math curriculum so that
math work would be in imperial measurements. But we love it for science, language arts,
and we're doing geography this year too. We follow the US homeschool outlines.

The Good and The Beautiful we use for their sweet typing curriculum
and for science units. I've never seen more beautifully designed materials.

Letters from Afar and Yesteryear Gazette are two of our favorite subscriptions!
Letters from Afar is a series of letters from Isabelle, your pen pal, from her adventures
around the globe. The Yesteryear Gazette is a monthly newspaper of historical events,
biographies of influential people, puzzles, and funny laws that are still on the books.

My EcoTank? That was my gift to myself so that
I never have to worry about ink usage. I LOVE IT.

Printables & Design

I love, love, love creating printables. Learning to make the most of Canva
is first on the list and for that you need to join Pam's super inexpensive membership.
Trainings, templates, and more every month!

Creative Fabrica… well, Creative Fabrica is HEAVEN.
It's a membership with unlimited downloads of clipart, fonts,
KDP book interiors, crafts… JUST GO GET IT. You're welcome.

Thriving Teacher Academy is where I learned to write better descriptions
and pass by so many of the beginner mistakes for new sellers on TPT.
I like learning from people who are DOING what they teach.
As of 2023, Jillian is starting a brand new store to show it's still possible to be successful on TPT!


Here's your blogging starter kit! I've been blogging since around 2005.
I've spent money on courses, training programs, and mentors…
trust me when I tell you Sadie's membership is the most value, motivation,
and progress I've ever made. Plus – she walks the talk and still does the work.
Check out her blog below and join her free group to get started.

Keysearch and RankIQ are my keyword tools of choice.
Keysearch is the best tool for the money, hands down, to find the best keywords
to focus your blog posts on. RankIQ is my easy button and tells me ALL
the keywords to include, helps me build a title, and shows me the top competitors.

Nichesss is my AI assistant. I use it to write blog outlines and drafts,
which keeps me from being paralyzed by staring at a blank screen and
trying to write blog posts. There are a ton of tools inside Nichesss and the best part
is that it's NOT a subscription… it's a one time fee.