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I Am Thankful Worksheet & Thanksgiving Gratitude Printables

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

In the hustle and rush of the holiday season, I have some beautiful printables for you to help you and your kids slow down a bit and cultivate thankfulness. Gratitude prompt cards, an I Am Thankful worksheet (and fall leaves to write on), and some simple thankfulness poetry for kids of all ages to create.

Use these in your homeschool, or share them with your family and friends during the month of November! This time of the year can be so hectic, can't it? I love the idea of gathering kids of all ages around a table with hot cocoa, some treats, and these printable activities.

Thanksgiving conversation starters pin image.

There are so many benefits to practicing gratitude and thankfulness – especially when the world around us is full of strife and disagreement.

I hope these printable Thanksgiving worksheets will help you and your family cherish the wonderful things in your lives, and celebrate the Thanksgiving season with a little more joy and gratitude.

Thanksgiving Printables for Your Homeschool

We love learning about and celebrating holidays in our homeschool! I weave them into our homeschool routine. The big holidays are a no-brainer, but I love throwing in little celebrations of goofy holidays, too. We celebrated National Donut Day this year!

I hope these printables will be a fun way for you and your family to focus on the good things in your lives and enjoy time together.

Printable THANKFUL Acrostic Poem

Do you remember making these kinds of poems when you were growing up? I do!

This Thankful Acrostic Poem is a free worksheet for you to print and use in your homeschool. Do it along with your kids, and have fun thinking of what you are thankful for that begins with each letter!

Thankful worksheet, acrostic poem printables on a background with fall leaves and sunflowers

A fun idea: have each family member go and fill out the thankful worksheet separately, and then come back together and compare answers. Did anyone come up with the same words?

You could also do this as a fun Thanksgiving activity with your co-op or homeschool play date. Or pass thankful worksheets around to everyone at the dinner table after you've finished the pumpkin pie!

Printable I Am Thankful Worksheet & Activity

This “I Am Thankful” activity is a great way to cultivate thankfulness AND decorate your home at the same time! Kids will love decorating the leaves with things they are thankful for. This is a great way to teach kids about gratitude and get them thinking about all the good in their lives.

I Am Thankful For... activity with realistic fall leaves to cut out and write on.

Older children can write directly on the leaves, and cut them out! The fall leaves will make beautiful decorations for your bulletin board or fridge during Thanksgiving. You could create a gratitude tree on a blank wall! Or, use clothespins to hang them from a piece of twine!

I also included thankful worksheets with primary lines for younger kids to write what they are thankful for.

If you're having guests for dinner on Thanksgiving day, you could invite them to make a thankful leaf, too! Maybe it will become one of your new Thanksgiving traditions.

Printable Gratitude Prompt Cards

When I made these printable Thanksgiving conversation starters, I imagined them sitting in a small dish at the Thanksgiving table as discussion starters! But there are so many ways to use them.

Thanksgiving conversation starter printable cards.
  • Create a gratitude journal for each child with a spiral notebook. Use the cards as journal prompts, write one thankfulness journal entry every week.
  • Use them in morning time the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Share the questions with friends in person or on social media to start conversations about gratitude and thankfulness.
  • Put a card on each child's seat for the mornings leading up to Thanksgiving to talk about over breakfast!

I recommend printing the cards on durable card stock to use them year after year. If you've got a laminator, even better.

Make Thanksgiving week special!

As a kid, Thanksgiving was definitely not my favorite holiday. 😂 Lots of adult conversation around the table, a big meal of food I didn't particularly like, watching sportsball… boring. I try to remember those feelings when I plan our holidays with our daughter.

These fun printables won't just help your kids practice gratitude, but you'll be including something in the holiday that's just for them! I used to love writing and cutting things out – I would have covered a wall with those pretty fall leaves.

Thankful acrostic poem pin image.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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