Easy Valentine Tree Craft for Kids

Bring nature inside this Valentine's Day and create this easy Valentine Tree craft with your kids, using simple materials you likely already have around your house! Not only will you have a blast while making the craft, it's a great way to capture the spirit of Valentine's Day, and can be tailored to fit any skill level.

I love simple, handmade decor that doesn't take much room to store to keep for future years. Yarn-wrapped cardboard hearts are easy (and light!) to store, and branches can be fresh every ear. Use a mason jar or vase you already have, so it goes back in the cabinet to be used for other creations after Valentine's Day!

A branch in a jar on a table, with red and white yarn hearts hanging from the branches.
A beautiful Valentine tree for your dining room table!

Why not make creating and decorating for the holidays part of your homeschool? You could make a Valentine's Day unit study…

We love celebrating holidays this way in our homeschool: learning about history, making crafts and being creative, and giving to others. It's so fun when “school” becomes celebrating a holiday!


For this easy heart craft, you'll need some basic craft materials.

If you don't already have red, pink, or white yarn handy, head to JoAnn's, Michael's, or WalMart and see all the fun yarns there are to choose from now! Get a couple different textures to make beautiful Valentine hearts for your tree. I always love yarns with a metallic sparkle or the really fluffy ones!

Some Dollar Tree stores have also started carrying smaller skeins of yarn in their craft sections, which is a great option to have less leftover yarn when you're finished making your Valentine tree.

Materials needed:

Supplies to make a Valentine tree craft: yarn, branches, scissors, cardboard, paint all laying on a white table.
Get creative with your yarn!
  • Dead branches with many small limbs
  • Cardboard
  • Sharp scissors
  • Thick yarn in red and white (or whatever colors you like – you do you!)
  • Quart mason jar or clear vase
  • Stones, glass beads, or sand for the bottom of your jar
  • Gold spray paint (optional: bare branches are beautiful, too!)


A can of gold spray paint and branches on a white table.
You could use any paint color you like, or none at all!

OPTIONAL: Begin by spray painting your tree branches gold. Do this outside on an old sheet or a piece of old cardboard. Leave outside to dry thoroughly. If you like your branches natural, skip this step!

Hearts cut out of cardboard.
Various sizes make your Valentine tree more interesting!

While your branches are drying, cut out heart shapes from cardboard in various sizes. You want the heart shapes to be empty inside, as they will act as your forms for making your small yarn heart ornaments for the Valentine tree.

A cardboard heart being wrapped in fluffy red yarn.
Your cutting doesn't have to be perfect! You won't see the cardboard at all!

Begin to wrap each of the cardboard heart shapes with thick yarn. As you begin, leave a yarn tail, and wrap a couple of times to secure it – you'll use it to tie off once you finish wrapping. You could also use hot glue if you wish.

A cardboard heart wrapped in thick white yarn.
So simple and cute, with wonderful texture!

You can use any yarn you have on hand, but thick yarn gives better coverage and helps you get the forms covered much faster. Once you finish wrapping each heart, tie off the end in the back.

A cardboard heart wrapped in red yarn.
Make hangers with contrasting yarn, ribbon, or twine!

Create a hanger for your heart by making a loop with yarn and tying in a knot. Use the same yarn as you used to wrap your heart, or a contrasting yarn!

A large tree branch in a jar, with red glass beads  in the bottom.
Get glass beads or stones at Dollar Tree!

Fill the bottom of your jar or vase with stones, glass beads, sand, or whatever you like to hold the branches in place!

A branch in a jar on a table, with red and white yarn hearts hanging from the branches.
Such a great hands-on project to do with your kids.

Arrange the spray painted branches in jar or vase and decorate it with your yarn heart ornaments!


Make your Valentine heart tree even more special with these extra ideas!

1. Tie small treat-favor bags of candy to the branches for a Valentine countdown.

2. Fill your jar or vase with conversation hearts.

3. Cut out paper hearts and write random acts of family kindness on them and tie them to the tree. Encourage your kids to find one to do each day.

4. Cut out a cardboard heart and glue a family picture on it using Mod Podge. Create a new family portrait heart every year – it will be fun to look back at older pictures!

A branch in a jar on a table, with red and white yarn hearts hanging from the branches.
A beautiful Valentine tree!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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